Hello Beautiful people reading this. Im sure you’ve seen or heard of my work which brought you to this point. I would like to share something many people don’t know about me.

“My cousin gave me her Nikon to shoot our family reunion. I had no idea how to work a camera. After capturing the images, my cousin looked at them and told me how great they were.” 

From that encounter at the young age of 12, Jessica Williams has only dived deeper and achieved great things in the world of photography. Having never set foot in a 9-5 job, Jessica decided to turn her gift for photography into her full-time job from the ripe age of 16. 

When asked who she finds herself inspired by, Jessica credits the work of photographers such as Omar Ramos, Kelvin Oliver, Desmun Dangerfield, and Toni Estes to name a few, among other artists such as filmmaker Spike Lee and photographer Jamel Shabaaz. Jessica also cites New York’s thriving artistry in general as a source of inspiration for her. 

Thus far Jessica has been published in magazines such as Ellements Magazine, Toksick Magazine, Poza Magazine, and Ellegant Magazine. She’s even been recognized by the Dallas Observer in 2019’s “Dallas Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram” and recently won the ‘Photographer of the Year Award’ from Cosign Magazine. 

When she’s not behind the camera, Jessica enjoys engaging with one of her favorite pass-times: music. She enjoys singing, having done so with her family and church choir for all of her life 

Jessica intends to take her skills and at some point, pour them into a school or nonprofit as a resource for young creatives, and aims to have a studio of her own in the near future.